Relax In Vintage

I finally had time to visit Relax in Vintage.This charming little place makes you forget that you are in the middle of The Myer Centre in Rundle Mall. Nikohl made one great of a (soy) coffee and the cakes were delish! What a great place to catch up with friends and play a game of chess while admiring the amazing vintage pieces for sale. Coffee and vintage, such a pefect match! I’ll be seeing you very soon.While we should be soaking up our Aussie sun in perfect high waisted bikinis, I’ve been searching for perfect knits to wear all year round. Unfortunately, I’ve been steering towards thick knits that is most suitable for winter. This is one of the unfavourable sides of living on the other side of the world from the powerful fashion influences. We’re (apparently) always 2 seasons behind! For now, I’ll be wearing one of my favourite knits that naturally justifies why I have worn thee on a summer’s day. With it’s short sleeves and cropped hem, it’s a perfect knit for wearing on its own during warmer weather, or layered on top of collared shirts during the colder seasons.
I’m wearing Witchery knit , Ma’s Raybans, Nudie high kais, NAVY docs and Rocco bag.

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