V day for the Apathetic

This was our first V day for us. I’ve never been a person to celebrate such a day, maybe because its not a public holiday, outrage ! We found a spot in the shade under a pine tree, that seemed to drop all of its pine cones in protest of V day. I was in charge of the savoury side of the picnic, while C was in charge of the sweets. He made heart shaped Choc Peanut Caramel Tarts as well as hazelnut Truffles. I think he fancies fat people and is trying to ramp up my diet with sugar and buttery creamish stuffs. I decided to dress a little romantic and pulled out the floral. It’s still a bit too girly for me so I toughened it up with a silk khaki top. This top is one of my faves, it’s shorter at the back to show off just a bit of skin. Whatever you did today; had a romantic dinner, went out for coffee & cake, or just went to work and the gym, I hope you enjoyed it. Happy Tuesday!


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