Shopping with the Salvos

Before C, I had vaguely stepped into the immense op/vintage shopping scene. Quite frankly there is too much to discover that it is absolutely overwhelming. I used to ignore the seemingly endless racks of previously loved or not so loved clothing, and walk straight to the accessories section for bargain leather bags and quirky earrings. Now I find myself trying on the most outrageous outfits and getting myself buried in all the 90’s, Targe’t and polyester attire. It’s actually like ravaging my parents’ closet, but now I am spoiled for choice. Ah, I love dress ups. It’s a great feeling when you find that particular piece that you must have. C thinks that by wearing a vest, you are trying too hard because they have come with a zero practicality factor. I see where he is coming from but hey, they are an accessory that can liven up any outfit. Oh, and yes, if you have a sensitive smell then you may find it difficult to visit these places, eg. my dearest friend Clara. It must be the imitation laundry powder they use on all their garments, or the lack of laundry powder. JK. So lets support the Salvos, by volunteering, donating and/or shopping. Check out this cute (1 of 3) commercial ad.

I don’t know why I’m so grumpy here but I think it was from the pain of trying to squeeze into a size 6 leather pant or I just wanted to look tough. For more of my Salvos outfits, please check out our Facebook page. We’d also like to thank Jo from the Savlos store on Morphett St, Adelaide, for being so helpful. Also, until the end of this or next month, if you check into the Salvos Store on FB while shopping, you’ll receive 20% off! Goooooooooo! This post is not sponsored. We just want to share the Love.



  1. ccoww

    i love visiting opshops, but yes, why does everything smell like armpits ?!

    the first outfit is cute, very madeline!

  2. Solipsism Dreams

    ill follow you once you get twitter aussie sister ;)

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