Adelaide Uni O Week 2012

Uni O weeks; all about fun, socialising, awareness and all good things in-between. Essentially it gives false impression to gullible first year students that Uni life will be spent hooking up at pub crawls, football matches between societies and playing oversized games such as giant Jenga all the time. This story hits closer to home; in her first ever O Week Anne was an innocent victim of the Uni O week scam and is still trying to come to terms with actual Uni life vs Uni O week fantasy dream world. Confronted by a cameraman at her first ever O Week, she innocently compared O Week to the Royal Adelaide Show, and said that UniSA was better than Adelaide because they aren’t as serious !! HAHA ! Ahhh why must they do this to poor young students….Nonetheless Uni O Week is all good fun…until actual Uni commences. Things to do at O Week; steal chairs, pretend to be a Penguin, jump as high as you can and kiss victory. Check our our Facebook page for more photos.



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