House of Hause Store

Hidden away in a secret location for only cool people to know, and losers like us (A&C) to find out, Truc’s store always ceases to amaze. It’s a great place to eye quality mainly men’s street wear from local and international labels and catch up on the latest gossip. Whenever we visit there are always a few loiterers outside the front and then at least 2 chillbillies inside playing games or listening to music. What a great welcoming atmosphere! Amongst all the men’s stuff, Anne found this sterling silver bee ring that always leaves the house with her. Okay, since you made it to the end of this rant we’ll tell you where it is; Hause is located on the corner of Grenfell Street and Charlick Circuit, Adelaide. Check out Hause Store’s webpage here and Facebook here.


Please visit and support our Facebook page for more images. The last 2 photos are by Jon Mangahas. Please sell us your fisheye.



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