Ralph Lauren Menswear Collection Launch

We are very grateful that we were able to attend last night’s exclusive launch of Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2012 Menswear Collection at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Out of all the States (and Tasmania) they chose our little old Adelaide to launch their collection. Despite the leap year weather, the night was good fun with plenty of faces from across Adelaide and Australia. The Fall 2012 collection is classic Ralph Lauren, which can be seen evidently in its attention to detail and textures. We were delighted to meet Christian Wyer, RL Head of Merchandise, a very lovely man who represented the brand perfectly. These are 2 of our favourite looks. Very youthful and preppy. I’m encouraging Christian to get some classic brown leather shoes also, maybe I’ll buy them for him because I’m so nice (and need to stop letting him from having access to these posts.)  Here I am with the Adelaide RL retail crew. Love all their outfits! Check out our Facebook page and Rip It Up Mag for more photos.

I was lusting over Melanie’s (Finders Keepers) Givenchy.

With the Channel 10 team + 1.


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