Fringe Opening Parade Adelaide

The Adelaide Fringe opening parade was moved for the first time to King William street to accommodate for the ever increasing numbers forecast. It felt as though the whole of Adelaide were in attendance this year, we pretty much couldn’t see anything, people were climbing anything just to get a good vantage point. I would of let Anne climb on my shoulders to take photos of the actual parade, but she said she is too heavy to sit on my shoulders even though I did lift a car over the top of my head just last week. From memory the weather was mucky, so we made a pit stop at the nearest bar and energized our selves at the kwik-e-mart, errr convenience store. We met the guys from the Fringe show “Smart Casual.” Anne told them we saw their show last year and she wouldn’t watch them ever again. She was trying to be funny, but I think it came out a little too serious than she anticipated. Awkward.

I was once a fan of cutout shoulders, until I got one myself. I remember I really wanted a certain denim shirt from Urban Outfitters but didn’t want to spend another $35 for shipping. I think they are a little try hard. But someone please prove me wrong. Sorry for the unpredictable change from 1st to 3rd person converse and vice versa, you can still follow right? Good.

Apologies to those street peeps who’ve we’ve snapped over the past few week. Attitude Magazine have first preference. Until we get the go ahead. We’ll share on here. Until then, keep watching !


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