Gilles St Markets Adelaide 4.3.12

A long awaited post on Adelaide’s classic Gilles St Markets; having a Sunday off work and visiting Nana’s Closet’s first stall encouraged us to come along to say hi and take photos. Make sure you bring your dog if you go along, so many dogs, including rolly polly ones, want to *touch* ! Finding some awesome stuff isn’t hard to come by, but finding a bargain might be. As you know a lot of op shops might just quickly glance over the quality of some items and you can get them cheap; however the vintage shop sellers know otherwise ! In all fairness the price does reflect the time it takes to source something nice and decent. Op shopping sounds like a much better option for me at the moment as I can’t afford to spend much money right now; last night while I was driving C home half asleep I scraped the side of his car so I need to save money to fix it after that little episode. I love Kyla’s Gorman pants, watch this space for a detailed outfit picture later on. Kyla and her friend Stephanie have teamed up and got them selves a nice little set up right in the middle of the market, keep an eye out for “Nana’s Closet” who will hopefully be in the markets again one day soon. And maybe from some little inspiration Anne’s anchorage will make a debut one day soon ;)

I have practically been living in this men’s tee for the past week that I bought at Jay Jays for $7.50. I’m going to go back to buy another to cut up. C hates these Witchery pants that belong to my mum. They are so stretchy and comfy, boys clothes are the best, pinnacle of comfort. Especially great to wear after a big night at an engagement party where we had about 3 servings of dessert. So if you are looking for these Ma, you now know where they are. Check out and LIKE our Facebook page for more Gilles St photos.


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