Adelaide Fringe, Pretty Lights and Cashmere

These are some photos Christian took last week after we spent most of the day slaving around Adelaide Town for street fashion shots for Attitude Magazine. Why must you make it so hard for us?! But it’s not all gloom, we have figured that 1in 20 people in Adelaide have a good sense of style. And are highly impressed by those that dare to stand out. Some South-Australia-Thing on Twitter liked one of these Fringe photos so much that he won tickets to a Fringe show. Don’t know which one yet, but we hope it’s good and better than “Smart Casual”. Refer to yesterday’s post for punt to joke. Check out more of Christian’s photos on his Flickr – @Arcade Humbug and our Facebook page.

I found this beautiful cashmere sweater at an op shop the other week. It’s so soft. I never thought I’d wear something so girly, but pairing it up with jeans brings the cuteness level down. It’s simple outfit for uni.

I’m wearing thrifted cashmere sweater, One Teaspoon Dixie jeans on sale here, leather converse plimsols.



  1. Rachel Southwood

    Everything you wear seems to turn to gold; need to go get myself a pink sweater! And totally agree with having to tone anything girly down!

  2. Annesanchorage

    haha..I feel a bit embarrassed now. but thank you for your lovely comment. I might even try wearing neon pink soon, but yes, tone it down and make it tough.

  3. Rachel Southwood

    I’m loving the faded neon stuff at the moment, everyone at nyfw was wearing it. Faded neon pink was my fave.

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