Dodging cars and the Big Table

Being uni students means you need to be wise with the little money you have. Even if it means; wearing previously loved clothing, or bringing your own cake from home when you go out for coffee. We’re trying to make it a habit to steer away from cafe franchises that lure us in with their money saving loyalty cards and opting to support small independent cafes, especially ones that are eco-friendly. It’s only something small I guess, like catching buses instead of driving and it also saves fuel coinage too. The Big Table, in the Central Markets is a nice little urbanised cafe/stall. It’s on the corner of the market where all the hipsters chill with their organic meals, asymmetric shaved hair styles and bright red lipstick. C asked me the other day if I was going to turn into one, or something alike.. please don’t turn into one *fingers crossed.*. I don’t think I’ll ever shave my head, but dropping out of uni and becoming a hipster barrister with tattoos sounds like a cool job. Anyway, I rarely meet up with friends these days. I’m known as baily, as I always bail at the last minute. It’s nice to have a friend who would take photos in the middle of the road with you, and hug on random hug-spots around Adelaide. One pro about working in the city is that your wardrobe is readily available to you when you go out during the day and decide that you hate what you’re wearing. I wore my itchy red woollen skirt before these skorts. Bad decision. I thought I could pull them off. Check out and support us on Facebook etc, to see more photos, and please leave us suggestions of where to go for great coffee around Adelaide.

Who is going to Westfield Marion tomorrow evening for the fashion parades? Please come along and say hi.

I’m wearing men’s top from Jay Jays again, Sportsgirl skorts and Nine West boots.



  1. Tam pham

    A coffee at Mawson lake, good view to take photo and good coffee too.

  2. Anonymous

    try Lucias Pizza and Spaghetti Bar in central market or maybe Bar 9 Coffee Boutique. nice coffee and brunch. i love them :X

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