Set Sail

Apologies for not posting yesterday. It was a busy day having only an hour to pack between work and getting to the station. I’m sitting in this, what seems to be underrated cafe down Collins St. I forget the name, but these yellow arches are hurting my eyes. Free wifi to blog also, can’t complain.

We had a fkn awesome and busy weekend. Barrio was the place to be and Set Sail was the talk of the night, we couldn’t shut up about them. A three piece band from Sydney; Josh, Josiah and Brandon are making some big waves. They have taken their tunes overseas and are touring Australia at the moment with a huge following. They have a very warm upbeat style and don’t like shoes very much, some awesome vibes coming from them. It was a privilege meeting these guys, getting the VIP treatment and to be their photographers for the night ;) These independent artists have set the bar high for those who want to start out in the music industry. After 2 years of being together they have touched many hearts, and ours. Their raw style and rough hipster fashion inspires me to op shop more, get dreadlocks and drop out of Uni to do it full time. Poor Christian, especially after this we missed his long Jesus-inspired hair.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, get on it, follow the band here or here. For more Set Sail pictures please like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Lol ! I just realised Brandon is showing off our link as well as his tatt. Are you boys leaving Melbourne today? Either way, we’ll be seeing you soon.
Oh, and a thousand apologies for the embarrassing midriff moments..that is what you get after getting 3 belly piercings and after each one, getting it infected. Big love and peace out.



  1. Solipsism Dreams

    They were at my orientation day concert. they were so amazing! I love the violinist. He has got some moves!

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