LMFF street stalk part 1

Here are some street snaps that I took. Sorry for the lack of editing. There were so many well dressed people around that it was overwhelming. I love the culture and atmosphere that comes with fashion shows, everyone wants to be noticed and it’s great. How you dress shows the type of person you are in a way. It was awesome to see so many different people with all kinds of tastes and styles coming together to celebrate one thing; FASHION !



  1. Laura

    I find it incredibly strange (and proof of what a small world we live in) that you guys were at LMFF and yet I never saw you/spoke to you. We’re both blogging for Street Scholars, we were both at the same event and yet we both probably didn’t know each other existed until right now when I made this comment….

  2. Gab

    hey anne! thanks so much for the pic! have re-posted on mah blog if your interested in a little peep….
    was great to meet you at lmff and to discover your blog. will defs be checking in here often– love it bebs.
    and that ksubi jacket is epic! love love love it!
    xox Gab

  3. Timi Onduku-Pedley

    Hi Anne, it as nice meeting you at the LMFF event, and thanks for posted the pic of me (wearing a gold sequin long skirt and black lace top), and the lady wearing one of my Pink/Camel print Afrizine collection shorts from my soon to be launch Melbourne based fashion label called TimiAlaere. The collection is casually chic with a boho /exotic glam flair. Will let you know when its launched and hopefully we would be able to work together in some capacity. Great shot. Kind regards Timi

  4. Annesanchorage

    Yes! well Adelaide is small and Melb is a country in its own. Hopefully we’ll bump into each other soon. Hope you enjoyed LMFF! xx

  5. Annesanchorage

    Hi Timi, thanks for popping by. The shorts are amazing!!!! Yes, definitely keep us posted and congrats on the label. Contact us on our Facebook page! X

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