LMFF Street Stalk 2








I arrived home today from a 10 hour bus ride and uni. Yes, being a student means you need to make sacrifices to afford that little trip interstate or eat instant noodles for B.L&D (which I love anyway) for that must-have-designer bag or shoes. Instead of a nice night in absorbing all that has happened during the past week in Melbourne, and recovering of course, I found myself chasing after a sorbolene covered Barnabas, tiptoeing barefoot in boiling water to stop the bathroom from flooding any further, and then searching around that bathroom for any sign of Mr Fish, who I had left to wait after I had cleaned his bowl. We later found him, well half of him, no thanks to Barnabas. And, who was to blame for this circle of disaster ?! The 2 year old !
Anyway, here are a few more unedited street snaps from last week’s LMFF. Good night y’all.

This post is dedicated to Mr Fish. You were that close to doing what you were born to do; to possibly fight goldfish in C’s fishpond. RIP beautiful fella.



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