TGIF! Well, We Wish




If you live in Adelaide then we’re sure you would of heard that the Rundle Mall parades were on Friday just passed. Or you would have heard about it at home on the news since it was probably the biggest news to hit Adelaide this year… Here is one outfit that I personally didn’t mind; the jacket is quite cool. I don’t really own anything floraly but the idea of floral suits might be getting to me a little. Floral is too girly for me but when it’s paired with androgynous pieces, it’s another story. I’d wear something similar but with some dark floral tones in and about the outfit. We haven’t done any outfit posts in a while so here is what I wore later to DepARTure held at the Art Gallery on North Terrace. I’m not partically happy with this outfit, this outcome occurs when you have many fundamental outfit ideas, give up and wear it all at once without looking in a mirror before you leave home. The “jumpsuit” is actually a thrifted two piece, the wool coat is a $25 find and worn with my LV backpack and Pigalles that I’ve had for a year and a half and have been only worn 2 1/2 times. Who would sacrifice their toes for an extra 5 inches ? Me !


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  1. laura

    I would agree with the floral comment; it’s something I actually have a lot of, but I get tired of seeing it on people and wearing it unless it’s paired with something a little different or unexpected.

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