Perfect Bridezillas

On Wednesday we attending the launch of Emanuele’s Bride Collection-to-Order; In My Dreams at the King William Road showroom. Sorry guys, there are no sounds of wedding bells anytime soon. We came in support of local designer; Liza Emanuele and her gorgeous collection. Each gown was an example of superior workmanship and the use of precious fabrics, handmade embellishments and lace shows how much love is put into each individual gown. A couple of clever features I’ll take to heart would be the convertible gown, which revamps a full day gown into a cute evening dress and some hidden pockets, great for an addicted Facebooker or a packet of cigs as a meal replacement.

Personally, the flowergirl-models, little Ava and Liza’s daughter Zara stole the spotlight. Freaking so adorable ! Wedding planning, especially wedding dress shopping is a discouraging process that I honestly don’t want to experience any time soon. We now understand why these bridezillas stole our front row seats !

Peace out.


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