Neat Nespresso

Anne and I had the privilege of being one of the first to step into Adelaide’s long awaited first Nespresso boutique on Thursday morning. We haven’t had much experience with Nespresso but whenever we visit my cousins in Melbourne we like to make the most of their machine. We were able to try their limited edition NaOra coffee which they kindly greeted us with as we arrived (fashionably late) to wake us up from such an early start (9am!) If you’re reading this in the back of your mind is probably the question; “was George Clooney there?” Well he wasn’t and I brought my complete series of E.R. and a Sharpie for nothing, devo. The absence of George didn’t stop some more local names from making an appearance during the evening launch however, which was host to Jesinta Campbell who cut the ribbon with normal sized scissors. They cut the ribbon quite well and it was good to see Miss Australia 2010 exercising caution throughout the whole duration of scissor usage.

Social pictures from Thursday night’s launch are below as well as on our Facebook page.

Big love as always,








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