Portable Wardrobe

I found this unworn dress in the boot of my car today, it’s been sitting in there since at least December last year. For those of you who don’t know me that well I’m known for being rather messy. I have this habit of rearranging my belongings into an organised mess. A prime example of this is my car, like many girls my car is used as a portable wardrobe, (convenient hey.) With this convenience comes a slice of some embarrassment when I have to welcome someone else into my car. The backseat and boot are absolutely loaded to the max with my clothes and shoes, finding some room to sit in it takes a few minutes of rearranging. So now you know why I’d rather not give you a ride; I’d rather chauffeur my clothes around. I liked the place we took some photos at today, kinda dangerous considering if you were Yao Ming or just put up your arms they would get taken clean off by a train.
I’m wearing Cameo dress, Wittner flatforms and Alexander Wang bag.
Check out Christian’s Flickr here, he takes most of our photos, more photos on our Facebook page now as well !

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