He Likes Navy Too

Anne tells me how much she wants to go to Europe and gnaw on the art and fashion. While there is so much of this to be found, it doesn’t mean that Europe is completely rid of sub par art and fashion. When I travelled Europe two years ago, now I’m not sure if it was some kind of a fad or something at the time however, I noticed that everyone really loved these REALLY shiny and REALLY puffy puffer jackets. This probably isn’t the best fashion statement you could make as they look shit house at the best of times and at least 7 people within a 20 meter radius of you would be wearing one. Such anarchism towards fashion was centralised in Rome (possibly the sole offenders now that I think about it.) Who knows why, maybe I went in the national shiny puffy jacket week.

Yes, they are ugly but it all does depend on what you wear it with. This puffer vest is great with a baseball tee, with white peering in the middle and the navy sleeves sort of look like they belong to the jacket, minus the puffy look if it was. And no I’m not very photogenic, I rather stay behind the camera and take the snaps if you can’t tell already. Plus my jeans are rolled up, Anne made me do it :/

Urban Outfitters Baseball Tee, Ksubi Denim, Pepe Jeans Jacket, Vans.

This feline “Minty” came running towards us as we were taking photos, did the usual purr session and just chilled with us for about 2 minutes until he ran away after we tried to feed him coffee, cats like milk right?


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