Adelaide Train Tracking

On Easter Sunday we set out and realised we kind of dressed the same again, maybe it’s just becoming a subconscious habit of ours. Being a public holiday we tried to find anywhere that might be open just so we could grab a coffee, shop or hang out and loiter just because. After checking twitter it looked as though everyone had shut up shop to enjoy the Easter public holiday. We took a stab and went down to Elizabeth St in Croydon to do just that. For those of you who haven’t been to this side of town, we don’t blame you. Daisies, lollipops and tranquility aren’t the first things that come to mind when you think about the general Croydon area. More like the complete opposite, so I suppose that would be; weeds, sour grapes and hostility….hmm you get the idea. Elizabeth Street in Croydon is a quiet little st which is exactly what you wouldn’t expect to find in this area, its home to the amazing Queen St cafe and a bakery as well as some pretty nice looking vintage shops. THE Adelaide train line passes through the street and is always fun to take some snaps. So voila !

We are both wearing thrifted woollen navy knits from Salvos, Anne – Dr. Demin Chinos, Balenciaga bag and Alexander Wang mules. Christian – Lee Jeans and suede chukka boots, oh and Nikon FE

For more photos check out Anne’s Anchorage on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates !

Big Love




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