SAD Cafe Made Us Glad

As you all know we love to check out new and as many different cafes around Adelaide as we can, not only for our coffee and cake fix but to just chill out and act couple-ly. It seems as though we have been adventuring all around Adelaide following the trail of De Groot coffee beans which just seem to be getting longer and longer. SAD Cafe is yet another cafe that uses this locally roasted fair trade bean for their coffee (i.e. from Espresso Royale – post to come out soon.) We guarantee that right now you’re thinking; “Why on earth is this cafe called SAD?” Well it isn’t named after the unhappy adjective but it comes about from the flip side of DAS hair salon/clothing store which is well…on the flip side of SAD cafe geographically also. The neighboring stores both have the same owners; Dom, Saffy and Adam, who all have awesome accents (not Australian ones.) As hair dressers themselves they agree that starting up the cafe was three times harder than starting up DAS. All the hard work of sourcing local and as many organic products as possible is paying off though. They now have something else to do! E.g. drink great coffee, in between clients.

SAD cafe is tucked away on Ebenezer place just off Rundle Street, Adelaide.

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Love Always


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