Finding Finders Keepers

It seemed as though all of Adelaide’s fashionably conscious girls and a handful of their male tag-alongs went to see what they could snap up at the Finders Keepers’ sample sale yesterday in Kensington Gardens. It was a good idea to get there as early as possible as the line up went around the corner and down the street, while the traffic in the street was at a near standstill for the duration of the sale. For the lucky few that managed to get inside it was an everyone for them selves showdown, for the unlucky ones who weren’t able to get in Anne’s Anchorage were there to keep everyone company.
As Anne was busy in the Hunger Games arena (aka change rooms) I kept my self busy and decided to make a quick time-lapse of the chaos that was about to unfold. I didn’t go in planning to do it so it’s a little rough and after the gates of doom were open it took about 30 seconds for my camera to get knocked around. I recomposed and started over but it was only a matter of time for my camera to get hit by stray bags and elbows again. As you can see the tables were emptied out in the matter of seconds, as girls were literally grabbing and throwing everything that could fit into their bags, without even for a fraction of a second evaluating what they were snatching out of other girls bags.
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