Set Sail Q&A





We are heading to Sydney town at the end of the month for MBFWA, so who else to get some fashion and shopping tips than the boys from the Sydney based band ‘Set Sail.’ Here is what Brandon had to say:

Favourite place to shop:
My favorite place are the cream stores, theres one on Crown Street in Sydney and one in Newtown.

What are you wearing right now?
Right now I’m wearing black skinny jeans with some shoes that I got for free so happy cuz its getting cold and my feet were freezing. Also a maroon singlet and a colourful floral top heaps good vibes.

Why no shoes?
Oh ya, normally no shoes just cuz I couldn’t afford them at the moment and just cuz its heaps more comfortable when playing music. Would you wear your shoes to bed?

Who does your washing?
I do my own washing usually.

Boxes or Jocks?
Recently for christmas I got given some jocks and I havnt gone back. At first it was constricting, but then it becomes a part of you.

See our first post on Set Sail here and be sure to keep an eye out here for more Set Sail fashion inspiration soon to come. Photos by Set Sail. For more of our Set Sail photos, check out our Facebook !


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