Where Books And Coffee Meet


Mockingbird Lounge is the latest little rad cafe to open up in Adelaide, for us it’s completely on the opposite side of town but it was well worth the trip. This time we decided to sit outside to have our coffee and cake, we don’t usually sit outside because half the time your breathing in the fumes from some old leaded petrol car who is idling in traffic pulling on the choke. Definitely none of that at the Mockingbird Lounge however, this quiet little spot is rather peaceful and we definitely wanted to enjoy Adelaide’s last ditch effort of what seemed to resemble summer (i.e. the sun was out.) The Mockingbird Lounge isn’t just a cafe, its also a combined book store where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee over a good read. I felt like Belle from Beauty and the Beast when she discovers the library. Coffee and a second hand bookshop in one, a dream come true.

We only managed to get about 4 photos from the 1% remaining battery on C”s camera on the day so the rest are unfortunately iPhone photos. For updates please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and to see more of Christian’s photos check out his Flickr.

Peace out,


P.S. I wonder if the handmade leather trimmed clutch with animal prints from Empire of Bees is still available. I need new accessories for fashion week next week !

You can find Mockingbird Lounge on 63A Broadway, Glenelg South. Just a short walk from Jetty road.


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