Anchor Anchor Why Anchor ?


Why change the blog name?
I, Anne, started ‘blogging’ through Anne’s Anchorage on Tumblr where pictures were my daily blog. Ever since Christian joined in I find it a little annoying for him that hardly gets any recognition for his work. He says he doesn’t mind and he can be the ‘anchorage’ in Anne’s Anchorage but I want the blog name to represent us ‘co-anchors’.

Why Anchor?
Years ago a girl came up to me, started speaking in tongues and told me God wanted me to read Romans 5. Of course it freaked me out but I eventually read it, didn’t understand it and brushed it aside.

If people know me well enough they’d know that I’m not really well and am trying to get on my feet one step at a time. So anyway, a couple years passed and one particular night I felt down so I opened the Bible. I didn’t know at the time why, but I have always been drawn to the word Hope, so I flipped to the back of the Bible in search for verses on it.

Romans 5 is about hope, so when I finally got some help I decided to get a tattoo of an anchor.
So yes, something about me. I like tattoos, art, Jesus and Christian.

What do you think, change our blog name to Drop Anchor or not??



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