Hot Formula 1 Street Stalk

Let us start Froth&Cloth with some rad street style at Formula 1. Melbournians really know how to dress. Or are these visitors from Interstate? No way, must be Melbourne. Although this was like finding a needle in a haystack it shows that some motor sport fans have a slight fashion conscious. Hats off to whoever decides not to don a Ford or Holden polo with their cargo shorts and running shoes, it’s a big step we know because if you don’t wear this you will be noticed and you will judged, in this case judged in a good way. Photos are the pinnacle of stalk, wasn’t gonna point my tele at anyone front on haha. We have put in a video which all you local south Aussies will have no doubt seen before. A good representation of Victorian life style, maybe if Adelaide still had the grand prix it’ll be us…probably not.

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