MBFWA Day 2 – Just Surviving

We had a more chilled out day today. A chilled out day meaning we had the opportunity to eat food, unlike yesterday. I feel bad for only attending 3 shows today; Tululah, Toi Et Moi and
Song For The Mute. Posts and more photos for the last two shows mentioned should be up next week sometime, Song For The Mute was epic! We met the lovey Rumi Neely and her partner Collin who are so lovely to talk to and are very down to earth people, we both hope you guys enjoy your visit to Australia. I didn’t mean to offend when I corrected Rumi’s pronunciation of Melbourne. I couldn’t help it, it’s the Aussie way or it’s nothing.
We met another awesome character today, can you guess who’s cute vegan wallet that belongs to? Haha. Anyway, it’s a good night from me.

Peace out,

P.S. Do you want us to attend more shows so that we can share more photos with you? Christian does all the hard work and needs a bit more motivation.

I’m wearing a top from Alice McCall, skirt from Finders Keepers and $25 Urban Soul shoes.

For updates please follow us on Twitter Facebook to see more of Christian’s photos check out his Flickr.



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