Caffeinated Sydney


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There is no doubt that in Adelaide we are a little spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a good cafe. However it seems as though the other states are teasing us with their super low coffee prices, and that is quite tempting to us financially handicapped students. It might just be viable for us to relocate to Sydney and save a heap of money on the amount of coffee we drink!

For just $2.50 in Sydney you can find some rather decent coffee, most of the time you will find these awesome deals in unsuspecting and sometimes tucked away cafes. Unfortunately in Adelaide you may find out that you have diabetes with all the added sugar you have to consume with your cheap $2.50 coffee just so that you can trick your brain into thinking the liquid you are consuming is not in fact hydrochloric acid.

The last trip to Sydney we had a day out on Oxford Street and took a little detour down Crown Street. We found some cool vintage stores but didn’t quite get the time to check it out extensively. This time we did though and along our travels we past this neat cafe called Kawa, pictured here in sprocketness, the banana coconut bread was yum! Another great cafe we just had to visit more than once is called Strand Espresso, which is just off Pitt Street mall in Strand Arcade. How we wish we could visit The Strand in Adelaide so much, for excellent coffee.. Pictured here are some other cafes we checked out that are definitely worth a mention; Guylian, The Workshop and La Renaissance.



  1. lepiratelife

    I love this post. So true coffee (or chai, for those of us still stuck in that awkward hot chocolate phase of life) in Sydney is incredible for those of us airing on the less appealing side of the poverty line.

  2. Froth & Cloth

    Thanks, can’t wait to get more Sydney coffee! I think I left the awkward hot chocolate phase of life when I was about 10, not too sure if that’s a good thing

  3. Caity

    I’ve lost what brand/ model you told me this camera is! haha I wanna trade in mine! Also how much was it?

  4. Froth & Cloth

    hey, sorry little late reply ay. If your talking about the camera in the 2nd picture its a Nikon FE. But I assume your talking about what camera I took the photo with; Nikon D7000. Ive had mine for over a year and its kept its value, if anything its gone up in price! weird. For Aus stock could find one for maybe $1300 body only. Didn’t we see you rocking out with a D3 at the Nespresso launch? Your trading THAT in????

  5. Caity

    I can’t even remember what I have.. Lumix FZ45 I think. I want one that I can change the lens. The FE is awesome looking but I assume they’re just SLRs right? Do you know where abouts in Adelaide you can do trade ins?

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