We All Smile For iPhone


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When we are not updating the blog you’ll find that we regularly updating our FrothandCloth accounts that are a little easier to update through an iPhone. Have you heard about the release of the iPhone 5 in August? Or is it October? Well it’s been a long wait, for me at least. Remember when the iPhone 4s was about to be released? Apple tricked us, or more like we tricked ourselves into thinking that the iPhone 5 would possibly be released after only a year of the iPhone 4 being out. Either way, yes iPhones takes decent photos and the App Store has clever apps that allow us to show off these amateur photos. They don’t cost a thing to buy, only our spare time. Time that we could use to post a blog post or finish reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Anyway, these apps are Pinterest and Instagram. Get with it and follow @frothandcloth !


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