Legging The Bay

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We apologise for the lack of posts lately, I have been pretty crook and Christian is busy studying for exams.
These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago at various locations around The Bay area. As we were at the beach it was no surprise that it was a rather chilly and windy so luckily I choose to wear my new floral leggings thanks to Bras N Things. I don’t think I even own any leggings or stockings. They’re in the category of socks to me, which means I wear them once and then they seem to disappear from which they could only possibly be found in the ever elusive land of Lost Socks. The last time I checked they’re safely in my drawer in Christian’s room. Yes, I have a teeny tiny draw in his room which he was kind enough to offer me. While it’s something to celebrate about, it seems that in the time between then and now I have managed to possess another space in his room, the middle of the floor part to be exact. On this space you’d find a gigantic suitcase where all sorts of clothes hide. Hrm, I must find time to go through it soon, it may be home to the Land of Lost socks. And don’t be surprised to find another couple of pairs of Bras N Things leggings. It’s three for two in stores at the moment.

I’m wearing vintage denim shirt/dress from Irving Baby Vintage Store, ASOS Plaid Skirt, Bras N Things Leggings and Steeve Madden Mule Wedges.
Christian is wearing Levi Jacket, thrifted check shirt and Steeve Madden Ethin Oxfords.



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