Ho Chi Minh Style

Nhan from Elle
Having minimal language skills didn’t help one bit. As a foreigner, to be in the know about the great places to visit/shop in HCMC you’d have to either have connections or be able to read Vietnamese very very very well. Luckily we had Tee Lam from Elle Magazine Vietnam. She gave us her view on Vietnam style and showed us around her home town, Ho Chi Minh City.

Enjoying some Thai Iced Tea (Trà sữa đá) at Ethophen

Enjoying some Thai Iced Tea (Trà sữa đá) at Ethophen

Ethophen, Ho Chi Minh Ethophen, Ho Chi Minh

Inside Lam Boutique

Inside Lam Boutique

Lam Boutique, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam FrothandclothNhan Nails FrothandclothLam Boutique, Ho Chi Minh

Where there are millions of people and the weather is stinking hot, there are obviously going to be people that just don’t give a damn about their appearance. As did I at times. I made sure not to wear white, with the fear of it becoming see through from my sweat or getting dirty from the pollution of millions of scooters buzzing past that often get far too close for comfort. I’m not kidding, they were literally driving on the footpath beeping at you to move out of their way.

Throughout the day Tee reminded us to keep our belongings close. She has had many close encounters and valuables snatched from her. One alarming but funny story was when her fiance and her were going for a scooter ride and someone tried to snatch her purse wedged between the couple. The thief found him and his scooter with a face full of pavement as they were kicked to the ground. From then on I kept my handbag close or didn’t carry it in public at all…

Best place to get your nails done: B T Markets – $4 Aussie dollars!

Favourite places to shop:
District 1. You will find shopping complexes such as Rex Hotel where luxury brands such as Chanel, Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs are found.

Lam’s Boutique. With a few locations around the city, one particular store (District 1) was hidden in quite an unusual building. Needing to walk up some … stairs, you’d find this cute vintage inspired store with all clothes designed by Lam herself.

Ethophen: A quirky store specialising in unique clothes and accessories from Thailand. You’ll find quality cotton and silk structured tops and shirts

Fave place to eat/drink: Bobby Chin’s as well as The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

A is wearing vintage sportsgirl dress, Wang bag and docs.



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