Raffles MBFWA Runway

20120410-DSC_0040The Raffles College of Design showcased six of their very own design students including; Aurelia Evelyn Santoso, Ayaka Ichikawa, Diyana Kosso, Gabriel Lee, Nara and Virginia Killory Liu.20120410-DSC_0041 20120410-DSC_0042 20120410-DSC_0043 20120410-DSC_0044 20120410-DSC_0045 20120410-DSC_0047 20120410-DSC_0059 20120410-DSC_0060 20120410-DSC_0063 20120410-DSC_0064 20120410-DSC_0074 20120410-DSC_0076 20120410-DSC_0077 20120410-DSC_0080 20120410-DSC_0082 20120410-DSC_0087 20120410-DSC_0088 20120410-DSC_0090 20120410-DSC_0091 20120410-DSC_0092 20120410-DSC_0094 20120410-DSC_0095 20120410-DSC_0097


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